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ASEA REDOX, Must Know New-gen Cellular Health Supplement

 "redox signaling molecules, added to the new-gen supplements, replace the obsolete or damaged cells in your body and improve the generation of new cells and ultimately your health" (Forbes, March 2019)


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A real deal for energy level and health wellness

 BioAgilytix Lab Redox Certified, 100% safe 

Get healthy and stop pain, drink ASEA REDOX, simply 2-4 oz. daily.


ASEA helps to heal at the cellular level.  

Do you know when cells in your body are confronted by problematic virus, unfriendly bacteria, or infections, your cells know how to respond to fight and protect themselves? When they are weakened, or when they lose a battle, they will send out signals for help.

On behalf of the endangered cells, Redox Signaling Molecules produced by your own cells are responsible for amplifying the ‘help’ signals and carrying them along so that your body's natural resources are enabled to engage in intensified defense.

But your body’s production of these Redox Signaling Molecules naturally declines with aging, environmental damages, stress, and poor diet. As a result, you have a low internal supply of these molecules, now your body is less able to defend itself, you feel pain and you feel sick. 

By drinking the ASEA REDOX, you can supplement your body’s native supply of redox signaling molecules; therefore powerfully enhance signal transmissions and strengthen your cells' abilities to defend themselves. Don't you want to have a relief, a strong defense, and a better health?

Get ASEA REDOX, get healthy!


Contains active redox molecules; 100% safe, absolutely zero toxicity, native to the body.


ASEA Redox is the world’s first and only source of balanced, stabilized Redox Signaling molecules. These are the same molecules that exist in the cells of the human body.  Unlike other supplements, ASEA is not foreign to the body, that is why ASEA is 100% native to the human body, easily suited for health wellness, no guesswork and no experiment.

ASEA Redox in every bottle is guaranteed to contain trillions of bioactive Redox Signaling Molecules; these molecules are key life-sustaining cellular messengers necessary for regulating genetic activities that protect, rejuvenate, and keep your cells functioning at optimal levels. Native to the human body, these molecules are created through a groundbreaking, patented process that reorganizes molecules of natural salt and purified water into Redox Signaling Molecules (the core free floating NA-CL-H-O atoms are reorganized, a 30+ steps, 3-day molecular engineering process). ASEA Redox is BioAgilytix Lab Redox Certified, 100% safe.


ASEA REDOX has been scientifically tested and shown to positively impacts the organ systems in your body.


In particular, ASEA Redox activates genetic pathways that support vitality and wellness, improve gut health, improve immune system health and help maintain healthy inflammatory response. As Dr. Kenneth Ward said “These results are unique and exciting. ASEA Redox is a signaling supplement and the pathways expressed are signaling genes.”  Dr. Ward is internationally known in the field of medical genetics and is among the few physicians who are board-certified in four sub-specialties: OB/GYN, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Medical Genetics, and Molecular Genetics.  See report for ASEA Redox Gene Study Summary.


Our bodies contain over 75 trillion living cells; when our cells are healthy, we are healthy.  

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