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New! ASEA VIA Specials

$10 off of each bottle, 2 ways to get it!

1. Add ASEA VIA to any PV50 order (REDOX or RENU Advanced) OR
2. Order any three VIA, limit 9 bottles per order

ASEA Product Information 

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  1. Pricing above in US$ (Pricing for international countries is the equivalent of US Pricing)
  2. 30-day money-back guarantee.  For initial signup order only, a 30-day money-back guarantee for used or unused product is available for customers and associates.  After the initial order, ASEA will honor a refund on resalable products only.
  3. PV is Personal Volume, reward points earn from a preferred customer order, use to redeem ASEA products 
  4. Preferred Customer - Monthly autoship at wholesale price (may cancel anytime), plus reward points; cost is wholesale price + shipping + any applicable tax
  5. Retail Customer - No monthly autoship, no reward points; cost is retail price + shipping + any applicable tax
  6. US flat rate shipping per order:
    $8 - For RENU 28, RENU Advanced, and/or ASEA VIA products.
    $12 - For ASEA REDOX only.
    $13 - For a combination of ASEA REDOX, and any other products.


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