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Sign-up Instructions


Click on the 'JOIN NOW' button below to create an account.  Join either as a Preferred Customer [Monthly Subscription]Retail Customer [Buy Anytimeor as a new Associate [Distributor].  Please note that you will proceed with the following steps.


You will enter ASEA Corporate’s secure website. Briefly, you will proceed with the following steps.


1.  Let’s Get Started. Please select Country of ResidencePreferred LanguageAccount Type – Preferred Customer or Retail Customer or Associate.  Click on ENROLL


2.  For Retail Customer, proceed to order your product item. For Preferred Customer and new Associate, place your order & proceed with monthly subscription order.


3.  Information. The following items are required (must provide valid info, a fraudulent account will be terminated)


Contact information, sponsorship (, username and password to create a profile and access to ASEA Virtual Office (VO), primary address, shipping address, communication preference, acknowledge legal documents, and return policy. 
You will use the username and password created to access the ASEA VO and manage your order or business
For new Associate, remember to enter a name for your personal website. 
Information collected is maintained by the ASEA Corporate; do not collect your personal information. 


4. Review & Payment. Review and enter your method of payment. Payment information must be valid. To avoid fraud, payer's name and address should be the SAME as the account name and address.
5.  Submit Order. Review and submit your order.


6.  Please check to make sure you receive a confirmation email and an Enrollment ID from ASEA Corporate.





Your order will arrive in 3-7 business days, from the ASEA distribution center in your area. 

Please check your email for order tracking information. For initial enrollment order, a 30-day money-back guarantee on used & unused products for all customers. Return Policy 


  • First Time Buy Customer or Join Business, please click on the 'JOIN NOW' button above, you will enter ASEA Corporate's secure website to get started (select Country of Residence, select Preferred Language, select Account Type); join to buy anytime at retail price, get wholesale price with a monthly subscription, or become a new Associate in the ASEA business.
  • Returning Customer Log in with your User ID and Password to buy again.